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How much should I pay for a teleporter

The reasonable cost would be matching that spent on your normal transportation. So if you commute and take an annual vacation, these costs should all be added to figure an approximate cost for buying a teleporter.

But then the device is likely to be more valuable than just replacing the existing transportation costs you pay. First, it is a huge time-saver. Second, it can travel to locations that you can reach normally, since you say « anywhere ». These advantages really do have to be factored in and might double or triple what you would pay.

In general, you have to look at how much budget people generally have to spend on their transportation and other expenses. Unless the teleporter somehow reduces the expenses in other areas of one life or you are willing to give up other things you spend money on to buy and operate your teleporter, then the maximum you are going to spend is the same as your existing transportation budget.

So you should spend the same as a car payment, gasoline, insurance, and servicing, plus whatever you spend on airfare each year. Or more if you can save money in other parts of your life with your teleporter.

If teleporters are replacing private business jets, not many people are going to be able to afford them. If they are replacing all new car purchases, lots more are buying them (and cars prices and fuel prices would drop significantly).

But how will you show off your status without your BMW or Lexus?

I assume that the transporter can carry from one location to a different location (or will it have to stay plugged in to the electrical outlet?), that retrograde time movement isn possible and the cargo can exist in two places at the same time.

Your price calculation should take into account loading and unloading time per trip and the bulk/weight capacity of the transporter, and the loading/unloading time, carrying capacity and speed of what it replacing. You also want to compare the technology and production cost of your machine versus the cost of what you replacing.

There will also be opportunities for someone to pay you to use the teleporter. Consider opportunities like teleporting yourself (along with another teleporter) to Mars, picking up some martian rocks and memorabilia, and teleporting back. Those rocks and memorabilia would be extremely rare and expensive. With teleporting into any unknown situation there will be some risk, and you should expect a cut of the reward. This type of opportunity likely wouldn stop at Mars. It conceivable that people would want to teleport to the ends of the universe collecting samples and generally documenting their experiences, as with explorers consigned to explore the Western frontier or sailors charting the Earth.

Frederik Pohl Gateway is a good book about this kind of teleporter speculation.

It depends on whether you have a good network for disposing of stolen goods.

In one of the Peter F. Hamilton series, a (minor) plotpoint is Great Wormhole Heist where a team using a small teleporter device break into a secure area, which immediately goes into lockdown.meaning that the security staff can get at them for the hours they need to set up the teleporter, and move the valuables out of the area to somewhere whence they can dispose of them.

Given the number of valuables that exist, I say that $100m would be a good starting place to look for bids.

Of course, it may be that we need nanotech to build one. at which point the idea of THINGS goes out of the window and we need to think about more interesting economic models.

However, let us assume that criminality isn the intent :-)

The upside of living in, say, New York, London, Tokyo, or the Valley, is the access to the (people) networks, and jobs there.

A teleporter would allow me to work in the Valley, and live in a 5000sq ft house on a lake in Quebec. a few miles from the slopes so I could snowmobile there.

The extra cost is the teleporter and a snowmobile of my own.

The saving isn the car I drive. it the fact that my 2000sq ft house in London costs a fair bit more than one over double the size near Tremblant. so I be willing to pay a six figure sum, not a five figure one for a teleporter that decoupled the job market from the housing market for me (let alone the school market.)

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