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How I learned from failure

I am a capable cook, but the first time I set out to make baby food I failed. Miserably. So badly that I determined never to try again. It took two and a half years before I gave it another go. I’m happy to report that now, I make most of the food for my […]

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How much should I pay for a teleporter

The reasonable cost would be matching that spent on your normal transportation. So if you commute and take an annual vacation, these costs should all be added to figure an approximate cost for buying a teleporter. But then the device is likely to be more valuable than just replacing the existing transportation costs you pay. […]

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14 septembre 2013 ~ 0 Commentaire

How does a two wheel drive bike work

It has been done,is being done and is wildly accepted by the few who feel the need for and have the wallet for, a two wheel drive bicycle. A google search for two wheel drive bicycle will yield enough hits to keep you busy for a few hours. Every one I have seen is flexible […]

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How to Become an Efficient Car Driver

<pre>Driving a car is no game or recreation. It is an action to be performed with utmost concentration, caution and confidence. Like a loaded gun, careless driving is fraught with risk and several lives can be at stake. Therefore good driver training is a precondition to become a smart and confident driver. Since driving affects […]

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